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Howard's Farm Woking

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10 Arnott Close is now finished and up for SALE!


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Welcome to the “Give it Away” web site and thank you for taking the time to visit our project.

I am often asked how the idea of Give it Away came about and the answer is this. We undertook a fairly major property conversion on our own home nearly 6 years ago now and because we have 5 cats we decided that there was no other option than to live through it and with it, and be good about it! Nothing can prepare you for 6 months of intense building work, but the end result was more than we could have hoped for and for the most part, we had enjoyed the experience.

Charlotte-1574 (2) - CopyOne of the main reasons that our own project had been completed so smoothly was the dedication and excellence of the team that we had around us, and since we all decided we would like to “do it again”, the idea for Give it Away took shape. Having worked for several years voluntarily in the Wandsworth Borough, both with primary schools, secondary schools, the prison and as an individual mentor to young people needing help, I decided that we should go into the property business, not to make money for individuals, but to identify a wide variety of charities focusing on children and young people, and donate all the profits from the developments to them.

Priority is being given to local charities in London and the Borough of Wandsworth, who are not receiving large, if any, statutory funding grants and who rely on donated money to fund their activities. I visit all the charities we are supporting regularly and their work is dedicated and tireless. To be able to make substantial donations to these organisations, knowing that they are making a positive difference to many young lives is very rewarding.

I would also like to thank everyone who is actively supporting us. When I approach suppliers and explain the project and its aims, the generosity we are shown is amazing and very touching. Please visit the supporters page where we have listed those who have helped our project.We will update this web site regularly with information about our progress, the suppliers who are helping us, and information about the charities and eventually our successful sales!. If you can contribute in any way, please contact us.

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