rnibSouth London Actionnaires is a multi-activity club for blind and partially sighted children based in Tooting, South London.

Set up and run by national charity Action for Blind People the club gives visually impaired children the chance to try out sports in a safe and supportive environment. The impact of the club is huge, as it gives children who have been excluded from mainstream activities and sport, the chance to build self esteem and confidence which is invaluable to them in later life. Give it Away’s donation will go towards the running of this club, and will help give blind children the best start in life.

Charlotte recently had the idea of recording a John Grisham book for the RNIB Talking Books division. This famous crime author has written a book for the teenage market, entitled Theodore Boone and with the help of the famous American actor Jeff Harding it was recorded at Camden Studios earlier this year. John Grisham is hoping to make it a series and Give it Away would support further recordings. Read more

Donation 2013 to Actionnaires - RNIB

Donation 2013 to Actionnaires – RNIB