Small Steps School for Parents is part of the national network of Schools for Parents run by Scope, the national charity for people with cerebral palsy.

It is a support group for babies and young children who have cerebral palsy or similar forms of motor and sensory impairment.

At Small Steps, a teacher, conductor and physiotherapist lead the parent/child team through a structured programme designed to help each child achieve individualised developmental steps.

The approach is based on the principles of conductive education and is holistic, addressing every aspect of a young child’s development; physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communicative.

Parents are taught how to help their very young disabled children to develop skills; looking, listening, sitting, walking.

Early intervention ensures children reach their optimum independence.

Donation 2013 to Small Steps Putney

Donation 2013 to Small Steps Putney

Small Steps

Small Steps
166 Roehampton Lane,
SW15 4HR,
Tel: 020 8704 5935

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