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“The Give Away” has begun!

By November 19, 2006June 19th, 2014News, Small Steps, Whizz Kids
Give It Away
Amelia gets to know her new dolly!
Give It Away
Kit hopes to be getting some cake soon!
Give It Away
Dean and Charlotte

Posted 19th November 2006

In the week beginning 13th November, Charlotte is delighted to say that she wrote cheques to the sum of £200,000 to the Charities that Give Away are supporting. “It was a great moment to actually be doing what I set out to do” said Charlotte.

“When you are in the middle of building 3 houses, the days look long and endless and sometimes it was almost impossible to keep a grip on the real reason for the project, but being able to actually make a difference now, puts all that hard work in perspective. I find it difficult to believe it all myself!

“I met Amelia with her mother a few days ago and she is just one of 4 children who live in London, who will benefit from our project through Whizz Kidz who are organising a new motorised wheelchair for her.”

“Kit came to our party and he is a regular visitor at Small Steps in Putney. This delightful pre-school for children with special needs relies on donated funds to provide support, therapy and play for children and their parents.

Give it Away is also supporting a youth Charity in Wandsworth called Skilltrain and with additional funds a lot more young people like Dean can look forward to a better and more positive future through one to one mentoring and educational support.



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