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Give It Away Ltd was founded in 2005 by Charlotte Grobien, a resident of Putney, Wandsworth, and its first undertaking was the building of two new homes in the Putney Heath area followed closely by one in West Putney.

Charlotte Grobien OBEThese were major projects and the profits generated were used to help children and young people in need, mainly in the Wandsworth and London area.

The aim of Give it Away is to make a difference to the lives of young people living with injury, disability, disadvantaged circumstances or who lack social or educational opportunities for their future. By providing support and funding through charitable organisations who work in these areas it is clear that a positive difference can be made to their lives. Wherever possible, registered charities who support local causes and who do not receive statutory funding are the major beneficiaries.

The first project was completed most successfully and over £700,000 was given away which was an extraordinary achievement. Then came the purchase of two “Show” apartments in Roehampton which were rented and then sold – all profits being distributed.

Give it Away has continued along the same path – trying to make careful purchases and build or renovate in a way which results in profitable sales.  There was a goal in sight which was to make £1 million which was achieved in 2013 having built three more new homes in Woking and there was a party to celebrate!  Since then projects have included two more large, new build, detached houses in Woking, a renovation and extension in Chiswick and two more detached houses under construction in West Clandon, Surrey, due for completion in Spring 2019.  With some hard work and a bit of luck, Give it Away might reach the £2 million figure!

Give it Away continues to support Charities in the London and Surrey area who do not have major turnovers or huge staff and admin costs.  The donations are always made in a very personal way and for specific projects. Having a close relationship with the Charities enables Charlotte to choose where the money is being spent and more importantly to see it actually happen.

The Company is managed by Charlotte Grobien whose skills lie in sales, management, marketing, risk taking, attention to detail and “good ideas” rather than in the technicalities of building houses although she has learnt a lot! She has personally selected and visits regularly all the charities that the Company support and works closely with them. Charlotte is also responsible for the task of “maximising” the profit available when the properties are sold and for the interior concepts, design, finishes, layouts, fixtures and fittings and project management.

The response to requests for “support” in this venture continue to be overwhelmingly positive and the Company is very grateful to the suppliers and professionals who enter into the spirit of this project. Everyone who is “supporting” is listed on this web site under “Supporters” and Give it Away is indebted to them for their kindness and touched by their generosity.

The Charities who benefit are on this website together with many happy “donation” pictures!