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Charlotte Throws Pink ‘Topping Off’ Party On Site!

By September 3, 2014January 16th, 2015Celebrations, Hermitage Road News, News

All workers downed tools and picked up a drink to celebrate both plots reaching their highest point in the building process, this week. Charlotte threw a pink themed ‘Topping Off’ party on-site, which is a German building tradition, to thank all involved for their hard work and dedication to raising money for charity and helping Charlotte along in her mission.

We had a visit from Woking Advertiser Press who ran a large story on the build, raising awareness of our sale and encouraging other charities to approach Charlotte for future funding. As you can tell by the photos – everyone had a great time and all agreed they had never been to an event like it before!

The houses were officially Christened with the help of our Digger who managed to smash a bottle of Champagne against the house after many ‘bounced’ attempts from others. See videos below and photos above for all the gossip about the party and to meet the team!

Video Updates

As the Champagne bottle we used to Christen the houses with a smash was too thick and decided not to perform for Charlotte, our trusty Digger, Neil, gave her a helping hand to wish the plots good luck!

Gibbs & Dandy provided a generous discount for Give It Away and were the first to do so on the current Hermitage Road Project. Here, post-photocall for the Woking Advertiser who ran an article about the build, Charlotte talks to the men behind the brand about everything the supply and how they are enjoying the Pink ‘Topping Off’ Party!

In this video, Charlotte discusses project and party with Lawrence, our wonderful Structural Engineer – who makes sure the houses don’t fall down!

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