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By November 4, 2021November 15th, 2021Celebrations, News


“It has taken quite a while to get to this £2 million total and more, donated to charity.  Building and selling houses is not straightforward and ‘things’ can get in the way”  Charlotte decided (finally) to celebrate this milestone by combining the occasion with her Birthday at Home House in London.  Thirteen different charities attended, together with the invaluable pro bono team and long standing friends to celebrate both occasions.  It was quite “pink” occasion!

In her welcoming speech, Charlotte paid tribute to the charities there who have continued with determination and good humour throughout these last difficult 18 months and she thanked them for all the inclusion they offer her in their activities.  They enjoyed meeting each other – this never happens! – and found they had grounds for swapping and sharing activities.

She also paid tribute to the dedicated and ever helpful pro bono team who support her and these charities by providing structural/architectural help, legal property support, free banking and invaluable IT back up.

There was a superb cake, beautifully decorated by Charlotte’s neighbours who formed her “bubble” network during lockdown and everyone toasted the evening with shots of Vodka from a Jeroboam of Chase vodka “won” at Auction with Back up Trust!

There was a rolling silent picture show of all the Give it Away projects since Day 1 and everyone in the room was able to see themselves on screen which was fun!

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